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Aubaines de la semaine

Baskets of the week

  • Vegetable Baskets

    For 2 people

  • Panier fruits et légumes marché Montréal

    Panier de légumes familial

    Pour 4 personnes

  • Panier du Marché Jean-Talon

    Grocery base for 3 or 4 people

  • Organic Basket

    For 2 people

  • Grand Panier marché Montréal

    Large Basket

    Grocery base for 1 or 2 people

  • Fruit Basket

    For 2 people

  • Panier du moment Saumon marché Jean Talon

    The Sea Basket

    For 2 people

  • Panier viandes marché Montréal

    Carnivore Basket

    For 2 or 3 people

  • Panier fromage marché Montréal

    Cheese Basket

    For 2 or 3 people

  • Panier BBQ

    Viande et légumes



Tomatoes, cucumbers and avocados

Green beans, leak and artichoke

Zucchinis, peppers and eggplants

Broccolis, cabbages, celery and asparagus


Lettuce and sprouts

Root vegetables

Pumpkins and squash

Potatoes and other tubers

Ails et oignons