Entreprise services

Panier Québécois offers food services adapted to the reality of today's businesses. Our goal: integrating buying local within businesses' supply strategies by promoting our producers and sellers' know-how.

Whether it is through our fresh seasonal fruit baskets or with a privileged access to our online market for your employees, our enterprise solutions will enable you to provide a pleasant work environment while making it easier to offer services to your employees.

Our weekly fruit baskets

We favour fresh local fruits in order to provide ripe quality products guaranteed to be fresh.

Basket Size S

Ideal for a team of 10 people


Basket Size L

Ideal for a team of 25 people


Quantities above are given as an indication. The number of baskets ordered can be adjusted on the payment page in order to fit the size of your company as well as your employees' consumption habits.

Employees services

  • 24/7 access to our online market at panierquebecois.ca 
  • 5$ discount on your employees' first order.
  • Deliveries available in our collection points or at home starting at 5$. 

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