Panier Québécois is a team from Montreal looking to help and promote buying local. Let's go back to simple things: eating well while supporting local producers and businesses, it's possible!

We associated with sellers from the Jean-Talon and Atwater markets to deliver a healthy and balanced diet. You pay online and we prepare and drop your basket by your door on the day you selected!

Marché Jean Talon Livraison

Jean-Baptiste and Julie at the Jean-Talon market in Montreal

Cargo bike marché Montréal

A clean delivery

A large part of our deliveries is made by bikes, in order to encourage local businesses and reduce carbon emissions. 

Washable and reusable isotherm bag

We use recyclable cardboard boxes to transport your products. If you order refrigerated products, we will use an isotherm bag to pack them.

Every week, our delivery driver will recuperate your washable and reusable isotherm bag when they drop your new order. This will enable Panier Québécois to reuse the bags and therefore minimize its environmental impact!

Reduce our waste

At Panier Québécois, we are trying to be as close as possible to zero waste with bulk food and by reusing our isotherm bags.  

Panier vegan marché Montréal