Who Are We?

Panier Québécois is an online grocery delivery service that was created in March 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal? To make fresh and local products more accessible to Montrealers.

Located at the Jean-Talon Market, our company is a sustainable consumption alternative allowing customers to receive diversified and fresh produce (from the same morning!) all year long.

Christophe Paganon, Jean-Baptiste Paganon, Julie Abbotts and Thomas Lemoine, Panier Québécois’ Co-founders

Bringing the Farmer’s Market to Your Doorstep in Just a Few Clicks

Panier Québécois is an online grocery delivery service that doesn’t require any memberships or commitments. You can buy pre-made baskets, select the products of your choice or do a mix of both.

We currently deliver three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Choose from our afternoon (from 1:30-6:30 pm) or evening delivery options (from 7-10pm). You may also pickup your order for free at our warehouse located at the Jean-Talon market or from a pickup point near you.

We're at the Jean-Talon Market.

7070, Henri-Julien avenue, Montréal (Québec) H2S 3S3

Our Values

The values that we defend are at the core of our company but also align with our ideals as individuals.


Accountability: Daily Actions That Matter

Protecting the environment is essential to us. A large portion of our deliveries are made with cargo bikes. We also favour bulk goods and package-free products. Our products are delivered inside kraft or reusable isothermal bags and we recommend you use these kraft bags for your compost.


Local Purchasing: Eating Local Tastes Better

Putting the producers we work with forward also means discovering their amazing stories and appreciating the work that goes behind their exceptional products. We’re particularly proud of helping create the link that unites you with local producers.


Fresh : Delectable Flavours from the Farmer’s Market

All the members of our team work hard to help expand merchants’ reach. We handpick the very best of the Jean-Talon Market so you can make the most of over 800 products each week. We work with more than 90 growers to offer you the freshest produce possible!

Our Team

Panier Québécois is a team full of bubbly food preparers and deliverers that work hard to deliver a top-notch service.

If you were to spend a day at our warehouse located at the Jean-Talon market, you would meet our amazing team of food preparers supervised by Margaux, our operations manager whose productivity is unbeatable. Alice, Angela, Emily, Armen, Valérie, Rose and Kawnene are all here to prepare your orders with love. Nathan prepares his delivery roads while Andréa, Arthur, Mélodie and the co-founders work on bringing you the best of the market every week! 

Come see us, our door is always open!

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